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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Thanks for elaborating on the many possibilities why a hand built engine *can* perform better, or where a more automated process *can* prove inferior. But that doesn't mean it's the case at AMG.

So to get to the point, do you really think all AMGs engines have no variation, or less variation than M engines? If you know that to be a fact, then it's not marketing. If you don't, then I guess it's marketing after all.
If all AMG engines are had built, then I'd bet that they have less variation than M engines, assuming M engines are not hand built. Of course, I personally have no idea how far AMG goes with the hand build process, nor how far the M guys may go with their engines.

I responded with a note about how hand built engines differ from machine built engines. I don't really give a damn either way, however, since today's automated build processes are so good. For me, it's how the car I am about to buy runs and drives, regardless of how it's built.