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Originally Posted by RBB View Post
I've never had the fluctuating idle on cold start until this fall. During the past few weeks, anytime the temp is around 50 or colder in the morning I'll get 2-3 seconds of fluctuating idle (700-1200) on cold start. No codes are being thrown and the car is still driving great. No loss of power, etc.

Just out of curiosity I got ESS to send me another copy of my tune with cold start disabled. I flashed it on about a week and a half ago and haven't run into anymore issues. Everything starts up smoothly in the morning no matter the temp. Mike, do you think this fluctuating idle problem has something to do with an aftermarket x pipe/tune combo?
Not sure if it's relevant or helpful but I owned 3 E46 M3 Convertibles, all of which had the fluctuating idle on cold start. Dealer always told me it wasn't normal but frankly I didn't bother to get it fixed, as by the time I realized it wasn't normal I was on to my 2nd M3 and I never had any problems with the 1st! Anyhow, if it makes you feel any better it consistently happened on all 3 of my E46 M3s and it never caused any issues. And we're talking about 11 years of ownership.

Not sure if the E9x is any different but I hope that helps...