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Originally Posted by E36325is View Post
Hope it will have 4 pot brakes, too, still don't understand why Bimmer is extremely stubborn abt this? Just increasing the disc size with the ancient single fixed caliper, I'm gonna upgrade my 335i front brakes next month they can barely do the job in stock form.

The main reason is unsprung weight. Those 4 / 6 / 8 pot calipers come at a hefty weight penalty. Unsprung weight is the mortal enemy of handling.

This is a sore spot for me too. As a roadcar, floating calipers are fine but as a trackie, you really need at least 4 pot calipers or bigger for a car that is 3600+ pounds.

I remember once, I was following a Z28 SS (floating calipers like BMW) down a straightaway, I saw the brake lights but he ran right off the end of the track. We looked at his brakes and they taco'ed. The brake caliper instead of being a uniform "U" was a wide open "V". At full extension, the pads didn't even touch the rotors.....

So if you track your Bimmer, get some aftermarket brakes. For a road car, they are fine.
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