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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Just read an article about some interesting innovations used in the 335i that insure as much of the engines power gets to the drivetrain as possible. I sure hope these (or more/better) are included in the M3. It sounds like there is quite a few hp to be had through these techniques.
  • Electric water pump (not belt driven)
  • Variable flow oil pump
  • Magnetic A/C clutch that fully disengages when not in use
  • Intelligent alternator that charges only when coasting/braking
If the M3 engine is based on the S85 V10, it will have many more goodies. At the end of the day, it is just about power output and the features you listed above are nice. There is a thread on the M5board where EVOsport is offering a smaller crank pulley, it dynos to add around 25 hp but this increase in HP has not reflected in trapspeeds or faster quartermile times.

The M3 engine should adopt the variable oil pump from the V10....but it will also have these other goodies that the N54 doesn't have:
  • Quasi-dry sump oil system
  • Heads and Block casted at the Landshut foundry facility which does the BMW F1 engines
  • Bedplate Crank for stiffness and lower inertia mass
The M3 engine is going to be killer.....
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