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Fight the ticket, usually the cop will not show up in court. I just went to court this morning and about 10 people got let off (including me) because the cop did not show up.
The recording they played before the judge came in talked about a 12 hour traffic school that you can take that will kinda/sorta erase ur point - being that this is the 2nd ticket you've gotten in 18 months. The clerk said that ONLY IF your insurance company investigates will they find that you got a ticket "citation", not point on your record.

What I usually do for tickets is ask for trial by declarations first. The court will send you everything you need to fill out and return it back to them. Most likely, the cop that gave you the ticket will write to the court as well - and you'll be informed that you've been found guilty. Then you can request another trial to appear in person, and from experience the cop rarely ever shows. Unless you really pissed him off and he/she remembers you vividly.