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Originally Posted by wgf77 View Post
LED lights on Audi S5 look really nice. With that said, the M3 and the S5 are both amazing. But they are in different catagories. I really believe the S5 is more touring. The M3 will just eat the S5 and spit it out...
I completely agree with you. The S5 is more of a GT that is quick. The M3 is just a monster.

I am in the same predicament as abej26, I have an S5 on order, but it doesnt look like its gonna get built for a good while. I have been considering just getting the M3. I know they are very different cars, but I really could go for either. I really would like a nice GT thats absolutely beautiful and no slouch either, but then I would just as much love tearing into the road and cut those apexes with the M3. I guess I just have to look at each car under a microscope and really see what truly moves me. But its a hard call.