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well im 21 right now, and when i purchased my first brand new M3, i was 20 which was 4 monthes ago, as of now i have about $15K worht of mods on my car all purchased with my own money. I bought this car with my own earned money because right now i own a womans wholesale store in downtown LA, which im actually trying to expand if my sales rise within couple monthes or atleast stay constant. i live at home with my mom and sister because my sister is only 11 so i take care of her when my mom is not home, since she cant be left at home alone, and my mom trusts me more then anyone to take care of her. and trust me, i can pay rent on my own but i chose to help my mom out instead since she runs a manufactoring company which requires her to work overtime. if any one do not believe what i just said, come by my work and well talk. is this humble enough to the elders on this forum?? sorry if it seems like im coming out rude, thats not my intentions at all, i just wanna prove to the elders on here that not all young kids in here gets shit bought for them and actually work for their money and car!
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