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Akrapovic - my thoughts

I've had my Akrapovic Evolution system with the deleter module on for a week now. First of all, this is the first aftermarket exhaust I have owned so take my comments for what they are worth.

This system is definitely louder than stock. At first I was concerned it was more than I wanted, but I am used to it now. Definitely more exciting, especially when you get into the higher rev range. I was at the track last week. A fellow forum member was to check out the exhaust. He said the other e9x M3 was silent coming down the straight in comparison with the Akra.

What really excites me is the added power. I know the point at the straight where I normally hit 140mph and I couldn't believe how much earlier this was occuring. It is something I felt and could acutally verify!

My only dissappointment is that the tips bronze. This is really not the look I was anticipating. I guess I'll get used to it or buy polished or powercoated tips at some point in the future.

Thanks to Julius at Wheelsto with his help with both my exhaust and brakes.
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