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Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
Considering you're in NoVa-check with your local gas station shop (Sunoco, Shell etc..) For them-an oil change is routine so you shouldn't be paying more than $20 (if you bring the oil + filter). They have all the necessary tools and of course-you can inspect their work live to make sure all is according to par (unlike a dealer that won't allow you in their shop )

Read up on the tools used per the oil change DIY guide before you go (in case their tech is newbie to the M3). I've done this with my previous E46 M3 for years with no issues..not sure why more people never did it.

Simply drain-fill-and go. Get the dealer out of the equation.
i use to do that with my old car (Evo 8). Went to local indy service stations, had them do the change on front of me...but I just felt like I as hassling them when I'm sticking my nose in there. But sometimes the guy doing the change is a car nut and you can strike a conversation.