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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
One small message I'd like to say
When was the last time ( in the last 200 years) a country was even considering invading the states ?
The last actual invasion was the war of 1812-15. I'm sure invasion was considered by the axis powers in WWII, but no plans were made because the axis powers were tied up closer to home, and such an invasion would be difficult with the military tech at the time given the distances and lack of forward operating bases, as we had in Britian.

Again, nobody is expecting an invasion in our lifetimes.

Call me crazy, but I'd rather have a little fear of invading armies, but not lose innocent people every few days, and take that as an acceptable cost.
What makes you think you wouldn't lose innocent people to gun violence every day if guns were illegal? Murder is ALREADY illegal. There are other benefits, too. In fact, just today a concealed-carry holder subdued a man who stabbed a woman in front of an elementry school.

Imagine if your kids went to the movies, and never came back, killed by a LEGALLY bought gun.
Would you still have that same gung-ho attitude?
I don't think I'd feel any better if they were killed by an illegally purchased gun, or by a bomb, or by nerve gas, or any other means.