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I was told by BMW that the first fluids put in the M3 had special blend to help with break in and not to run the car at high RPM or high speeds and follow BREAK IN. I was also told the most important service is to have the fluids changed at the 1200 miles service. The fluids used in our cars during this time will protect the engine for only a short time and running the engine past 5k RPM would shorten the life of the Oil which could cause harm to vital engine and differential components...

Let’s think about BMW who has pushed the Oil service intervals even on a M cars to 10 to 15k per year depending how it’s driven. I remember in the old days when BMW did not pay for service and they recommended oil service every 6k miles. I would think something is different with the main fluids or important for the Diff & Engine fluids to be changed for BMW to mandate a change when they could save money and push it out to your first 15k service.

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