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Originally Posted by GnokGnik View Post
If you consider Nissan/Infiniti...they have a great line-up of reliable, powerful, and decently priced cars. The 335i is a better car than the G37 (looks, power, and prestige), but that comes at a price and it is not a reliable car. Sure with a cheap tune you can get 400+ hp, but Japanese cars usually have a much more thriving aftermarket. The GT-R is a monster, the 370z is a very fun to drive, the M35/45x's are very comfortable sedans and often overlooked, and the FX's are very nice as well.

Nissan/Infiniti have done a great Job IMO recently, and yet they are my 3rd favorite Japanese manufacturer for no tangible reason. I just don't like them.

1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Nissan
I actually test drove an 09' 370Z Touring the other day and all I can say is WOW. The engine response was great, brakes were awesome, it cornered like a champ and the new tranny was very sweet (with rev matching). If I had had a $35k budget for another toy, the 370Z would be the one to buy.

Compared to the 350Z, it is like night and day. Much better appointed on the inside and overall more refined....I liked it! I hoping my brother pics one up so that I can work him up on how awesome his car is and then tear him up in the M3...LOL