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Originally Posted by img View Post
When i decided to build a VT3.It took me 3 months to figure what brand i'm going with for pistons. At the end i decided to go with Mahle,the cost was much higher than other brands. Almost double but i wanted it done right.
Haven't found another company that can match the behavior of the Mahle piston,also compatibility with the Alusil cylinder walls.
Now if i would sleeve my block and ditch the Alusil,yea i can go for any reputable piston brand i want. Nothing beats Mahle IMO in the S65 unless proven wrong.
I hear you loud and clear. Going with the best is the way to go and you definitely went with the best. However, my point is Mahle, CP, Wiesco etc... are just names. Some buy products because of their names, some buy products because of the products themselves. Most of the times great products come from great names at great cost. But sometimes you see massively overpriced items from big names and yet you notice people buy them just because when they compare the overpriced-item A to the overpriced-item B and C on the market, they found the price is nice and competitive. In this case i believe Dinan and RD Sport are just selling their kits mostly because of their names not because of the value of the kit; And when we find a reasonably priced kit like this PPM kit, it makes us believe that something must be wrong with it because it's too cheap and nothing is cheap unless something fishy is going on with it. The fact is, it isn't cheap. Others are overpriced.

As for the alusil block, Honestly i don't know what's the deal is with the Alusil block and what's the right piston for it. But the S62 has been around for sometimes and it seems it's doing good with aftermarket pistons. Wish we had more S62 specialists in here.