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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I don't understand your point... the Lime Rock Park edition includes the ZCP. Therefore, its option price of $10,000 over a base 2013 M3 Coupe ($61,100 MSRP) includes ~$15,289 MSRP in options/accessories if priced separately.
Yes, now that Iv'e re-read your comments, I see my error. I stand corrected.

The problem I have with your numbers (and I should have started this way from the beginning) is they make it appear that a Limerock car is a bargain and, while I like the car, it really isn't.
When determining whether or not the Limerock is a good deal over buying a comparably equiped M3, I believe it's more accurate to use invoice comparisons rather than MSPR comparisons.
Your figures, for example, makes it look like it's a real good deal because the base Limerock MSRP, according to your figures, is worth $76,389 ($61,100 +$15,289). BMW, on the other hand, is only charging $70,100 MSRP for their base car. What a deal!
In fact, using invoice prices, a comparably equiped M3 goes for about $70,000 ($55,290 + ~$14,000 in "standard options").
You can see that from an invoice standpoint, whether you buy a base Limerock car for $70,100 or order a similar car from the dealer for $70,000 invoice, dollarwise, it amounts to the same thing. Except you don't get the decals