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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
But after BMW replaced it, I had a "lazy" grind happen to me once between 1st-2nd at about 3k rpm as well. The car is fine! The syncros in these trannies are made of CF, so they should withstand a lot of abuse.
Thanks for the encouraging words . So the grinding sound is a synchro hitting a gear then? Need to find an exploded view of this Getrag tranny to familiarize myself with it; google didn't work.

Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
I've had my spring removed for over a year and not one issue with cruise and I use cruise all the time on the highway. There is another spring that holds the pedal all the way up. Also, the clutch in my opinion is not heavy at all without the spring, it's just more linear in feel.
Good info man . The post I read probably didn't have that spring reinstalled. I haven't investigated that mod since I'm happy with the clutch feel myself. Thanks.