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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
The 'clack clack' after start up makes it perfectly clear to me it's a main bearing, but another video like the ones I posted above would make it abundantly clear.

My car is also Jun '08 build, but it's still under warranty (4.5K miles, with 2-1/2+ years to go). How many miles on your car?

I'd like to know how many cars have been afflicted with this, but it's hard to know. BMW would obviously like to keep this as quiet as possible, so members posting here is the only way to know . I couldn't care less for rattles and other minor crap, but this is a MAJOR problem (at least to me).
Mine has 34,000km and last month the 2 yrs warranty expired. Warranties here in Europe typicly last 2 years (unless somebody purchases an extended scheme).