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Originally Posted by lsmkr01
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Getting ready to do this, but can't find the answer to one question.

How far do you have the original plastic ring in the new M5 boot? (Sorry, if this is a confusing question).

Maybe a better way of asking is, when you place the original ring in the new boot and cut the holes for the tabs, how much "extra" leather do you wrap around the bottom of the ring.
Place the ring inside the M5 boot until you get a nice snug fit. You don't want to leave too much slack because the extra leather with bulge up when you wrap the ring and not look of fit properly.

A good side note is remember to FULLY remove the old boot from the plastic. If you do not and wrap the new boot on top it will not fit back in the whole. I have a picture how mine came out if you'd like to see.
made mine as tight as it could go, it naturally adds slack