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Cool picture, panicos. Well done.

I think the Germans, who have become the main source of bailout funding, are more Tea Party types who don't like the idea of bailing out banks. Even less so when those banks are filled with Russian money. For their part, the Russian gov't isn't thrilled with their wealthy citizens hiding money in Cypriot banks, so watching them fail and thus driving Russian investors to more transparent (read:taxable) options is a plus in their minds.

The whole oil\gas control thing between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots is a mess. It's easy for folks like us who aren't there to say just get along and everybody wins, but that is overlooking hundreds of years of historical baggage between the two sides.

I'm surprised that this whole thing hasn't taken more of a hit on the world markets. Maybe everyone thinks in the end the EU won't let the Cypriot banks fail, so no need to panic.

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