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I don't have the akra so my opinion probably does not mean much and usually I don't like to chime in on something I do not really know, but it sounds like you are really happy with how the car drives with the akra. You noted increase smoothness and power. You feel it is already improved. Therefore why bother with a tune? You may gain 10 more hp but at the end of the day is that worth your piece of mind about your warranty? (you mentioned that is important)

As far as the dinan tune, I believe it almost gives no power gain or extremely small, so why spend 1k on a tune that does not even up the power, if you already have a CEL fix?

So with your options I think staying how you are is probably what I would do. If you do a tune, go with a better one than dinan but then your warranty potentially could be compromised-I know its slim chance.

Or save the 1000-1200 bucks and continue to enjoy the sweet exhaust that you have!