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Originally Posted by M3Kevin View Post
puzzled why you adding oil was user error.
Your car told you to add oil. You did.
It told you to add oil again. You Did.

It told you it was overfull - you took it to the dealer.

Seems to me BMW screwed up here. Not you. You were following directions from the car - which has no dipstick - and supposedly has a super accurate computer measuring system!!

I'd ask for a refund as I really don't see how it was "user error" here.
Did you miss the part where he says he added the "wrong" type of oil? That was his error.

Regardless, I would of taken it to the dealership anyway just to avoid any liability issues with changing my own when it wasn't required. (The system message could of been caused by going up a steep hill or some other unforseen condition.) Most poeple that have owned BMW's within the last 10 years know the oil sensors are buggy as hell. My turns on at random times when i start my car up. Usually stays on for a few minutes and then turns off. I've had it checked out countless times from 3 dealerships in 3 different states. Its just how the sensor is.

Plus, I understand the do it yourself mentality. When possible I try to do my own work. But for a modern day BMW with so many electronics, sensors, and as much mechanical complexity that is the M3's engine. I figure best to leave all maintenance to the dealership where if something goes wrong it won't cost me money out of pocket.