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It's one of those uncontrollable urges we get when we get in our car, but yes I do urge moderate driving or even spirited. I was in the south west last year and I had the opportunity to drive through route 66 with a bunch of M fanatics and car aficionado. We were cruising at 60 to 80 and random fly by's and really just appreciate the ride...

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Oh yeah? Thats what happens when a buncha ///M fanboys (which we all are deep down inside lol) gather up huh? lol I remember like 8-9 years back, that used to happen up here in westchester also (non brand-specific). Dudes used to race their cars up and down the Ave and cops would show up all the time. I stopped going cuz i didn't want to get more tickets than i was already getting at the time... Maybe we can forewarn people not to act a fool lol...