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The rear camber should also be set to -1.5-2.0, -3/16" toe in, front should be at 1/16-1/8" toe out for your -2.7 negative camber (based on my recommended coilover adjustments that I run on track). Note that adjusting the camber affects the toe on the rear (and front) so adjustments need to be made by someone who knows what they're doing. I'm also considering rear toe links to make the job a lot easier for an alignment shop.

Also did the camber plates increase your front ride height? Ultimately if you track a lot a set of height adjustable coilovers will allow the ability to corner balance and ensure better stability/smoothness through transitions.

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So I have a zcp that has stock suspension which had -1.7 front camber with zero toe. Rear was -1.5 slight toe in.

Put vorshlag plates on and got alignment to -2.7 front with fair amount of toe out .rear was unchanged.

I ran at a very familiar track this weekend with same tires and same weather as usual but was half second slower than usual. It's a 1:08 minute track so to me it's a significant drop especially expecting an improved.

Car felt loose in general on high speed turns , turn in on all corners, mid corner oversteer also was terribly unstable in straight line braking and trail braking control.

I have to think it's the toe out but any otger thoughts?