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E90 and E92 M3 Depreciation

I'm 16 years old as of now, about to be 17 in two months. Ive always been a car enthusiast my whole life from just being amazed by supercars when I was younger, and I still am now. I'm friends with a neighbor of mine that owns an E92 M3 that I've driven before, and I would consider it one of my dream cars. I'm pretty obsessed with M3s and BMWs period, haha. My question to all of you out there, is where will the E90 and E92 M3s stand in a out 5-10 years? Will they all be sold to owners who will never sell them? Or will they just end up being a collectors item and cost ungodly amounts of money to purchase? I'd just love to own an M3 one day with a naturally aspirated V8.