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Originally Posted by SECRET M View Post
have you ever tracked your car... really? because i've had plenty of track time and in a car like the M3, it doesn't matter if you've gone 100MPH on a tightly wound track or 150 on a long straight, you're still going to feel the itch to stretch your legs on the highway.

everyone out here averages around 75-80MPH on the freeway, and getting onto the freeway can easily put you at 90-100MPH.

i'm not saying 100MPH isn't stupid to do on the road, i'm saying it's stupid to say that track time is going to curb your desire go faster than 65MPH or whatever the speed limit is in your area.
I respectfully do not agree with this (at least for me). I can see where people want to enjoy the power and stability of their cars though. I enjoy my M3 in a variety of driving conditions. It is very enjoyable to hold the speed after real track experience. knowing what you in your car can do is enough for me to drive sensibly. Knowledge and experience can help with safe driving practices. The more safety training, the better the ability to drive safely on the highway when you have scheduled track time ahead. There are times for restraint and the highways are not safe because of other drivers and surface defects. The track has the right conditions to enjoy your skills in your own car and again knowledge and experience makes a big difference.

Easy driving in Illinois and other states as well.