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Good for you. I'll wait till the end of 2007 to see if I should order one. What color combo did you order?

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I do consider the vents on the side of the bonnet flashy and overkill. Especially since they they serve no real purpose (I checked with a technician.) But this is one of those taste preferences. I'd rather not have them on the new E92 M3, but I won't cancel my order if it does have them, either. Some people like you obviously like them and that's okay too. I thought that that the quad tailpipes on the E92 M3 pics looked more civilized and less flashy than on the M5/M6 or E46 M3 as well, I hope they'll look about the same way with the release car too.

The salesguy who is responsible for the M3 waitlist e-mailed me today after I sent him some pics of the M3 from the Internet and said "don't worry, you'll get yours in the summer, we'll order yours as soon as BMW let's us start ordering them"... Ahh, sweet music to my ears. I was so happy!

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