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Getting to the party here a bit late but I do still want to chime in...

Originally Posted by MatthewDavid View Post
This is a funny analogy to me. When Dell has a recall, I don't think they immediately point the finger at their supplier. It is bad business. It is unprofessional.

Most goods we buy these days have one or more suppliers not necessarily the company selling. If my DCT has mechanical issues, is BMW going to jump on the forum and blame Getrag? Probs not. And I'm not going to be calling their customer service; I'll be calling BMW's. I'll be complaining about BMW not doing enough R&D, testing, etc. It'll taint my view of BMW, who is again the ultimate assembler, seller, and owner of the product - just like you.
Exactly spot on. The passing the buck here is comically absurd. Beyond belief really. It is YOUR product ADV, own it, period.

Originally Posted by db71 View Post
I do not feel that you have to have an engineering degree to make wheels that are structurally safe and sound as most software can test this in FEA and obvious physical testing can prove if you got the job done.
Well anything is possible, but again, for a critical safety item in a car, a real engineer should be involved. Which leads us to

Originally Posted by Lon@HRE View Post
Engineering: Our president has a B.S. from Harvey Mudd College in Engineering and an M.S from UCLA in Mechanical Engineering and came to us in 1999 after 8 years of working at Northrop Grumman’s B-2 Division doing structural analysis on aircraft. The fact that HRE has a mechanical engineer in such a lead position should make it clear we’re not just a “draw and cut” company and how proper engineering is viewed here. As for FEA we know it is way too easy to get a very “accurate INCORRECT answer”. If you have no idea what you’re doing, you’re going to end up with false confidence leading to problems. Junk in. Junk out.
+100. FEA is notorious for garbage in garbage out. I sell these sort of tools and am acutely aware of this. A big props to HRE for spelling out detailed information on their president/engineer. This information goes a very long way for me or anyone who cares about the details.

Originally Posted by db71 View Post
But do not call the guy head engineer if he does not have a engineering degree.
Originally Posted by ADV.1 Matt View Post
Our engineer used to engineer for MHT for years and we just hired him on full time to do our wheels as our volume increased. And yes, he has an engineering degree.
Matt at ADV: I am not quite satisfied with this^ answer. Please tell us exactly where he studied, what he studied (i.e. what his degree is in) and what his related industry experience is. Again many confuse 3D modeling with engineering, they couldn't be more different. The former can help make things look really pretty but the latter is what makes them actually work and safe. Call me a skeptic but I have some doubt that you guys have an actual real M.E. with a degree from a real engineering school who is regularly looking at your designs for a structural integrity and safety point of view.
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