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^ Damn.... and that the Penske owned dealership joint!! If they're beating someone's prices that someone is probably high (on price at least). D&V have a big expensive bldg to pay for..... I don't think Mr. penske has a cash flow problem. LOL D&V is pricey. But it is a clean place full of good equipment with ample secure parking so people don't wince at leaving car there like a lot of body shops.

EuroPros really are good too, esp. for big time collisions on European cars that require special types/brands of equipment (fesp. rame benches to get to OEM spec). They aren't cheap either but I think on the avg less than D&V. EuroPros downside is don't hold your breath if you are expecting quick turn around, but on something small like body panel alignment manybe not so.

I've never had experience w/ the Tysons place but I doubt Sir Penske has lackeys running the place.