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Originally Posted by US///M3 View Post
I like the whole 787 direct flights concept, a direct flight from the east coast to a mid size airport like Prague will be a dream. Not having to catch a connecting flight in let's say Frankfurt to other cities will be dream indeed. I mean Munich isnt bad as a hub but Frankfurt, ugh.
The 787 is a replacement for the 767 line. It is roughly 20% more fuel efficient and it has (as I note in the article) many more creature comforts.

However, I don't think that you will see a dramatic change in flying just based on the 787 alone. Take United, for example. It is deploying the 787 on existing routes and simply substituting aircraft. Since you couldn't buy a 767 recently, it may appear that airlines are trying to create more direct routes bypassing hubs but the economic viability of a route such as the Prague route you mention will only change because of the 20% improved fuel efficiency, not because it's just a smaller plane. Clearly that 20% will help but it's only part of the equation.
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