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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
Not using my logic. The avg price I seem to see for the e92 is ~ $67,500, say CPI Y/Y drops from 4% y/y currently to ~ 3.5%, that implies +$2,363 increase.

If the '09 increase ends up being only +1k - 1.5k that would be likely be less than the broader rise in prices - and then there's still the volatility in EUR/USD (cuts both ways). My guess is that BMW NA won't want to raise prices too much given the state of household wealth (gone negative growth 4Q) and the economy.
Note that the 2008 model year will not be around for a full year since they released it in March. More like half a year. I think the 2008 MSRP must have been set with that in mind. Thus, I don't think the annual CPI rates will apply. That has been the case for the E46. The increase in MSRP was tame during the first model year change compared to the others.