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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
You made the right choice with the manual if you plan for a long ownership.
Yup....there's no such thing as lifetime fluid for one. Wet clutch packs submerged in tranny fluid = clutch material entering fluids = increased wear and tear with clutch use. How do you you fix a broken (which I know, are very uncommon) DCT? How do you replace clutch packs? Most of the time...get a new one. "The clutch packs in the M3 will last the lifetime of the car" according to BMW...also another hard to believe one. But again I'm not here to argue...just simply adding my opinion maybe for future M3 owners to consider when purchasing an M car.

I will agree with the DCT vs 6MT....because I've actually owned both. I loved my DCT (especially with full Dinan exhaust...I miss those rev matching downshifts) and only used in sequential mode, I feel like it was the next best thing to the 6MT. It also didn't suck in traffic as much either! But I like the reliability and maintenance cost of transmission replacement (if the transmission fails) and clutch replacement in the long run figuring you will keep the car for 5, 6, 7+ years...not to mention that BMW will change your 6MT fluids for you. DCT came out in 2008 and was not mechanically upgrade in any of the E9X M3s...the DCT in the new M5/M4/M3 is mechanically different so obviously some changes were made. I've read the DCT technical manual and I know what it says...and I have no doubt the DCT can last 150,000+ miles assuming you don't shift at 8,300 rpm every time you do. But who right now actually is able to work on this $10,000 transmission and what are the options if you are out of warranty and it fails? That's exactly what I considered when buying the car.

It is what it is...some people prefer the DCT (which of course is going to outperform the 6MT on a don't see F1 or ALMS using traditional manuals anymore, do you?) and some people prefer 6MT because maybe that's what they want. Either way, if you own an M3, you made the right choice in my books.

Now let's move on and start arguing about CF vs non-CF roofed M3s. I hear that the CF roof M3 is more capable and efficient than non-CF roofs...
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