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Originally Posted by Red_Baron
Originally Posted by Mr Sparkle View Post
based on my experience, I also recommend replacing the plugs after the dealers changed it, or you'll risk stripping the bolt. It is made out of softer metal. For the oil change, buy the extra plugs, and have extras on hand in case you strip it. It's only like $1.47 or something.

I think Red Baron once had an unsuccessful oil change where he couldn't get the drain plug out without stripping the plug. (also without an extra one on hand, what a PITA, that and it was hot, muggy, and raining during the oil change)
The torque levels were so extreme, two grown asian men couldn't calculate how much torque was needed to get the plug out. We needed calculators to figure it out but my TI-83 was out of juice.

Your calculations may have been wrong because i had to build a financial model in excel when i did mine

My torque values are always : strength it takes to loosen is strength it takes to tighten plus one or two umphs!