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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
The last time im going to point out that what i said is not what you are arguing. I said, "Thus you having help is the reason you are successful, all things being equal"-me
And for the last time I'm pointing out that you are misinterpreting Obama's statement. Nobody said "having help is the reason you are successful". Saying that successful people have had help is not the same as saying that help is THE REASON. How much simpler can I make it?

A web designer can create a fantastic website, but the internet is needed to put it out there. However, nobody would say that the internet is THE REASON the website is good, but that's exactly what you're doing. Just substitute "help" for "internet", and "successful" for "fantastic website".

Also, the "all things being equal" phrase makes no sense, because there aren't two groups of equally smart people: smart people who got a good education and smart people who didn't get a good education. The premise of Obama's statement is that all smart people got a good education, so I don't see what things there are to be equal.