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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
on What grounds? because you say it's not. you're wrong Scotch. just wrong. simple as that.
Logic, can't you read? Every statement has an inverse, a converse, and a contrapositive. The statement "successful people had help" has the inverse "unsuccessful people didn't have help", the converse "people who don't have help are unsuccessful", and the contrapositive "people who had help are successful". The converse is always true. You are proposing the contrapositive which is not true in this case.
An example would be, "you need a computer to get onto the internet". The converse "no computer, no internet" is true. But the contrapositive "you'll get on the internet if you have a computer" is not true, because you need an ISP and a modem etc.

In short, you're transposing Obama's statement to come to a false conclusion.