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Finished my Tri Color ///M stitched shift boot!

Thought you guys on M3Post might like this so I posted it here , This is fitted to my Z4 M

Took me a while but I really like it

Matches the steering wheel threads really well and this new thread I'm using is night and day to the other stuff I used on my "test boot"

I have to say I do like the true badge match colors very much, I was contemplating using the same color threads as LeatherZ uses as I really like the work they do but I ended up going with the matching colors (or as close to) as the steering wheel,
This is something that really takes time and patience, If you rush it will show so I took my time on this and completed it over 2 days,
Im not the best photographer, The boot actually looks a lot better in person!
But anyway here are some pics,

You can see its a pretty good match to the steering wheel thread,
So two shots for that perspective, One focusing on each

and finally another distance shot

Now this all couldn't be possible without the generous help of Jeff, He goes by the screen name of "rocknroad" on Bimmerforums and he actually does a lot of custom work like this for people,
He not only helped me out with what thread he uses, what color, and where to buy it! BUT he even went as far as donating the thread I used here to me so I could complete my project,
I hope he doesn't mind me showing you work he has done to his car so here is a link to that

His Interior Work

So Thank you Jeff for all your help!

Jeff donated SO much thread to me I'm actually racking my brains to think of what else to do!
I was thinking of replacing the black stitching on the E-Brake boot to red,
Don't want to go overboard with the car but I think that might also look nice,

I'm also planning to do some stitching for my 3-Series shift and brake boots too,

I think would look awesome on a E9x M3 as If I remember right you guys have 3 lots of stitching on your boots,

If anyone has a spare boot laying around Id like to try it out and see how it looks,

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