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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
I was looking for some advice for an exhaust. I heard a stock Ferrari 458 exhaust from 2 blocks away racing at max RPM on a B road and I think I've been bit by the exhaust bug. It was intense.

I want something that will be almost as quiet as stock (both for myself and because my girlfriend will complain if it's not), maybe a little louder, but I want it to roar when at max RPM to the point where you can hear it from a distance.

Any advice?
One thing to keep in you really want to attract that kind of attention in your high performance automobile?

I like the idea of a nice growl, but loud is just begging for trouble from the police. Best exhaust IMO is one that can be nicely heard by the driver in the cabin but does not say "Hey everybody...look at me driving fast in my expensive car!!"

Go with M performance. Best balance of all factors considered
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