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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
they on crack

I suppose if they've been stored in the sun and cold for 18 months that could happen, but not true in my experrience. Just give older Hoosiers a little more time to come in on the first out lap and they're fine. Not going to be quite as fast as new ones, but fine
Lol Probably. I have one data point below, but it's not great.
I do wonder if that softener stuff would help at all. I found a set of literal 2017 Sticker R7's in my friends garage when we were cleaning it out last week. I wonder what those might be like...

Originally Posted by dparm View Post
Define "bad". I have a set of sticker R7s that are way more than 18 months.
My only experience with a set of older Hoosiers recently was riding along when some some late-2018 ones were on the BRZ and they must have lived outside or something for some time because they literally had lower peak G's than Flaken 615's on data and lap times were the same pace as the 615's and could not go faster.

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