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Originally Posted by JPSlick View Post
After 8 years of working out consistently I found these extra supplements are quite pointless.

Stick with a good protein and call it a day.

The creatine just makes you look bloated and the NO just gives you a pump look (eventually) after dozens of pills a day.

The latter supplements have a marginal aid if any in your actual lifting performance.

Take it from me, Ive been doing it natural for some time now and put up large weight compared to my actual body weight. (not trying to brag).

For instances when i was at 160 lbs body weight my max bench was 305lbs. All natural. Thats what 8 years of training the right way, the natural way will do.

Granted a few illegal supplements can get someone there a lot faster...

There are some guys I know that are big, and look good, and are stacking many supplements. It probably cost them an extra $100-200 a month in supplements to keep up.

If that is all good with you, then so be it... but in the end I think its a waste of money.

Different strokes for different folks.

Thats my .02
I'll be honest, I train more for looks than for strength, but that doesn't mean I'm being entirely superficial with my goals. The creatine helps my look, even if there is a bunch of "puff" associated with the temporary gains.
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