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Check out how BMW of NA F***ed me Burnt SMG CLutch on an M5

I brought my car into BMW of Manhattan because while i was driving on the highway switching gears, the car made a bang and completley when numb, no throttle response.

When i got there the service adviser said it should be a problem and it should be covered under warranty.

a day later calls me back and says were gnna open up the tranny and let you know whats wrong with it, a day after that he calls me and says i need a new clutch and that bmw wont cover it cause it was "abused" which was total BS.. so i said close it up and i'll send it to my shop. he says ok.. the labor is $1680.00 for what we did which was determine the problem.

i called bmw of NA and they said thatthey wont help me because of their report from bmw of manhattan and they didn help me for shit all they did was call bmw of manhattan confirm the situation, called me back and basically said
F*** YOU

Now i have to pay $2700 to fix the clutch and ScumW of manhattan, with no .they basically SCAMMED the $hit out of me..

oh ye, and i forgot to mention that the clutch was replaced 2000 miles prior to this incident.

BMW are a bunch of scumbags - this will be my last beemer, and i will patronize them to the end.

i'm not the first person to be scammed by BMW of Manhattan. do some searches look at their reviews, their a bunch of thieves.

Jeff L. Cicero was my advisor.

prior to my clutch going out i brought the car in because it smelled like burnt clutch and a service advisor named Michael Ciasco said " i've been working with these cars for years and that smell is normal" F*** you Michael.

Ji Ho is the service manager there and he is a Scum as well. my friend brought his M6 in because the windshield whiper fluid was "Low" all the time. Jiho at bmw of manhattan said it would cost $350 to fix. My friend brought the car to circle BMW and fixed it for FREEE.

not only did JiWhore and bmw of Manhattan try to get some money from my friends m6, but when he picked it up they said they gave him and oil change, and topped off all the fluids. well when he got the car back the oil was below minimum, and all his fluids were low. we brought the car to Bob at Circle bmw in NJ and he said that all the fluids were low and topped off the all the fluids for my friend.

guys do not and i repeat DO NOT bring your car to BMW of Manhattan or you will be on of the any who got scammed

this is a thread i started when the problem first happend, and u can see the whole story there

if u had any recent experiences with them please comment