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Originally Posted by Smokey
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I was the passenger in the m as I was actually telling the m driver to stop and slow the fuck down but he wouldn't listen. Before I got in the car I asked them please dont do anything tonight. I told them I had a bad feeling about this. It felt great to be the one to say I told you so. What they did that night made me want to never get in a car with anyone other then my family and close friends who know how to drive safely from point A to point B.

Btw If there was a camera in the m you would hear me saying slow the fuck down. The 335 was the one who was egging the m driver.
So, was the M also damaged? Was anyone injured? That looked like a serious crash
Not a single scratch.

The m stopped without a problem. No locking of the abs or anything. NO ONE was seriously hurt (thank g-d). Everyone was able to walk away. I'm sure they had/have pain.