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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
You don't know what you're talking about. I have had a bunch of German cars and the GTR turns more heads than all my previous cars combined (not just from people that know what it is).
And please refrain from using the term "Jap".
I agree the GTR is a head turner. In my local cars and coffee and other shows, there are plenty of people checking out the GTR. I've had my GT3 at these shows and both cars receive an equal amount of attention. The more common Porsches and other DD Germans don't get that much. I'm not discounting these cars as I'm a car guy through and through but stating what I see.

With the release of the '12 GTR, I am now in the market for one. I must admit it took time for the car to grow on me over these past couple of years. But with the improvements to the new one and an empty space in the garage, I pretty sure I'll be ordering one of these to fill it. I especially like the Blue but, to me, it also looks great in red. Blue is my first choice though and that's why I'll probably order one over the summer. Too hot here in AZ to enjoy a new car over the summer anyway. From all of the owners I've spoke to, they love the cars and it is a performance bargain. Plus, I like the exclusivity of it over say a Vette (no offense to Vette owners as it's also a great car). Any input you guys have is appreciated or if you know about the ordering process. Thanks...