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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Honestly, from the sound of it... I think the M3 may not have been the 'right' car for you.
Rather, a 335D... or an Eclass

But, i do respect that you're able to control yourself so much
I wouldn't go that far, not sure if accurate to say I can't have fun in a M3 or that I'd be better off with a 335D. You don't think you can get more road feel or more fun to drive in a M3 than a Eclass?

The point is, I don't feel that being able to 'smoke' an M3 or that a car is quicker than a M3 around a race track (a GTR) is all that important to me, does that mean that I shoud not have a M3? I said I dont' want much faster than a M3 that doesn't mean the M3 is not the right car for me. But it is possible to drive a M3 and have more enjoyment than in 335D or Eclass?

Just because I don't drive more than 100 mph on public roads does not mean that I can not drive an M3 in a way that is fun than driving an Eclass, that's like saying I don't enjoy 1000+(degree) super-hot sauce than I can't enjoy any food that has any spice to it.

I would dare say that most (MOST) people do not track their cars and that most people don't drive much over the speed limit. I am saying if it's posted 50 mph they don't go along at 100 mph even if their car can take it. Most people who own a Bugatti don't drive it 250 mph so I guess that means they didn't buy the right car, they should have got a GTR and saved a lot of cash.

If I get a ticket 40 over the speed limit, I could get in a lot of trouble. I don't see then need to drive crazy on the street. The maximum speed limit where I live is 65 mph which means that if I get a ticket at 110 mph, I am probably in trouble and not good trouble. I don't see much point to that.

I am able to control myself (that is not get big speeding tickets) but still I am able to have fun while driving at sane speeds with some extra-legal bursts from time to time. I mean I would get some dirty looks or may get a ticket if seen by a cop, but not enough to get thrown in jail.

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