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Originally Posted by Prophizee View Post
the m3 may be a drivers cars but the gtr would smoke me like a funny cigarette and while where both doing a 120 the gtr will do a pin point 90 degree turn even though the driver just got his license yesterday.... Just joking
IMO, this is the big deal about the GTR.

But just lets say and agree that the GTR is faster than the M3.

to me, I was thinking about that and I was like BFD. I mean, a Viper is also faster than a M3 or a Z06 is faster than a M3 (etc..) go down the list.

But the point, that needs to be looked at, is that many, people drive a car and never get into a contest of speed. In other words they don't see another car and think lets see who's d;ck is bigger. I don't see a GTR (or a Miata or any other car) and say let's see if I can smoke him or lets see if I can do a 100 to 150 mph blast and see if I win. That is not important in the least.

I don't race cars, I don't go to a race track, I don't go to a drag strip, I don't line up for 'pinks' etc..

the fact that a GTR is faster than a M3 is not very important to me.

Don't get me wrong, I like fast cars but I don't need anything much faster than the M3.

I could have a GTR and I would not be able to drive anywhere any faster (real world) in less time than I do with my M3. I am talking about public roads where law enforcement and safety is the main limiting factor not the car.

Suppose I get in my car and drive to work. Say that takes 20 minutes at the speed limit (+10 mph). I could get there in 14 minutes with a M3 or 13 minutes with a GTR driving balls to the wall. It doesn't matter because I don't drive anything over the speed limit +10 or +20 mph. I don't drive 155 mph much less 175 mph. So if the GTR could drive 200 MPH (lets say) that wouldn't do anything for me.

I participated in a "World Class Driving Event" where I was able to drive exotic and near exotic cars on public roads with noraml traffic and normal law enforcemt. I drove a McLaren SLR (close to 600hp car) and I drove a 911 GT3 as well as a Gallardo, and F430. The SLR was most powerful, but it wasn't the most fun, it was (to me) too powerful and dare I say "large" and ponderous. Sure it could probably get around a track much quicker than a M3 or GT3 and would slay the 1/4 mile quicker. But I am not interested in those things. To me it's more important to have great road feel and balance and zen with the road more thn whatever car is quicker. To me the best most entertaining cars was the GT3 and the F430 (both cars that would get slaughtered by the GTR at least in a straight line contest).

I drove a friends 911 turbo on the public roads and it was so fast/secure so that I could only drive it at 7/10ths or otherwise I would be in a safety issue (too fast for public roads) or a law enforcement issue (if I got caught I would be in trouble) so to me that was not especially fun as a car that is less safe/secure/planted that I can feel like I am going faster at a slower speed. Even if a car is much faster than a M3 I wouldn't drive any faster. I know guy who is brain dead because he was street racing is his 600+ hp Viper. Yes he could go faster than many (most) cars but it's not really something that I would care about.

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