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Originally Posted by wwjd15 View Post
remember to give those dummies in GTR's point-by when you see them coming in your driver's car. J/K

GTR does make driver go fast because the confidence it gives, it's also more forgiving even when you miss the apex and the front tires just have too much grip to prevent you from spinning. But again, don't think that you can drive the GTR fast enough without some skill. For example, Just like comparing S2k to Miata, you can not say S2k is less driver's car because less skill driver in S2k can beat up driver in Miata.
Like a fat girl to cake I'm drawn to this thread.

A. you can't compare an s2k to a miata, the cars are setup in a fairly similiar way. A good comparison would have been a 2002 WRX vs. a 2002 S2000, we obviously know which car is more of a drivers car -the s2000. While the WRX had a larger engine, faster, AWD and more ways of turning a driver into a hero, most s2000 drivers found it to be more of a 'drivers' car. Which I think is the core of the arguement going against the GT-R being a 'drivers' car.