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4 options for License plate frames (US cars)

Which one do you like best / would put on you car.

I’m really bored and tired of waiting for my car… Just thought I’d share a few license plate frame options for US plates as I kill time. .

1. Real CF- I think it may go well with JB or IB. May also go well with lighter color cars that have the CF grills, front spoiler, rear diffusers etc. I don’t think it would look that good on an SSII if it lacks other CF parts.

2. LED- It is kind of geeky. But could be fun. You can store 5 messages up to 120 characters each. Might be a good way to piss other people of with messages like, “To bad you car is slow POS, better luck next time” or “ I’m not going to race your POS ricer- go away” or “try to keep up” or “AMG LOL” or hey, you could even be positive and give compliments- “Nice ride congrats” to a passing 911 / gtr etc
Or better yet, when you have a cute girl behind you “You are hot, call me @ 1-800-big-c0ck

3. BMW ///M Logo frame. Unoriginal may cause badge overload
4. Painted to match car color. Creates a visual illusion that “shrinks the License Plate.

I’m leaning for 3 or 4, 2 seems tacky but could be fun until it get stolen and 1 may grow on me but I'm not sure how it would look on ssII
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