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Originally Posted by rod1 View Post
I'm looking for a DD setup that can be used at the track 6-10 times a year, and I was thinking about purchasing the adjustable Vorschlag camber plates.
Is it possible to have an adjustable setup without having to have your car realigned every time you change the camber?

What most people will do if they are using camber plates (Vorshlag included) and want multiple settings is ask for a "street" setting and a "race" setting when getting an alignment. The street setting is usually the minimum amount of negative camber that is able to be dialed in through the camber plates or the minimum amount of room needed for fender clearance against the wheel and tire. This "street" setting is also where the toe is set at 0 for minimal tire wear. You can then mark this with a sharpie next to the pointer on the Vorshlag plates. Then for a "race" negative camber setting you ask who ever is performing the alignment to dial in the preferred or max amount and to also mark that point on the camber plates. Toe is not adjusted for the "race" setting because it is preferred to have the optimal toe on the street for better tire wear where more miles are driven. The track is where more negative camber is preferred on the front of the car compared to toe. On the other hand the rear of the car relies just as much on an optimal toe setting to reliably put the power down. Naturally these cars do have a tendency to toe out when more Negative camber is dialed in so the toe actually goes to a favorable degree under the race setting as well.