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Originally Posted by freeman727 View Post
Launch mode and revs climbed faster than on any of my previous cars. I was in S mode.
If you were really in launch mode, then it should have shifted right before fuel cutoff. If it didn't, it's because you didn't keep the throttle pedal hard on the floor. There is a button under the pedal. It kind of feels like a kick-down on an auto. Try pushing the pedal to the floor while the engine is not running and you will feel it click. This button has to be pushed down by the throttle pedal in order to do a launch in the first place, then it has to be held there in order for the DCT to shift from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. If you lift at all after launch, even momentarily, it is no longer in launch mode, it reverts to S mode, which means you have to initiate shifts yourself.
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