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"I'm gonna need some consideration"

Thought I would share my amusing (to me) conversation with a sales manager.

I have been on the list for M3 sedan, dealer has one that is not exactly what I want. It is 6MT without tech package, and I want DCT and tech package, otherwise same color, etc. But, it does have the 19" wheels that I do not want. I take the car for a test drive, and I really like the M 6MT more than my 335 6MT. So I start thinking...
I ask the salesman if I can swap out the wheels for standard since I want less spinning weight, don't care about the look, and don't want to pay for 19" rubber in the future. I explain that I know they are on back order, implying I'll buy the car that has been sitting for over a week.
Sales guy says lets go talk to the manager, good idea I think. This is probably a done deal.
Sales manager then proceeds to make a production about what a problem it would be, and how just might be able to get 18" wheels and then put the 19" wheels on some 3 series on the lot (huh?). He then goes on to tell me that he would need "some consideration" to make this happen.

Perhaps I am over reacting, but I was blown away. I viewed it as a win-win for everyone. Someone waiting for 19"s could have their car now and give me the 18"s. Dealer sells car(s). This seems simple to me, but you would have thought I asked the salesmanager to put 22"s on the car and paint flames down the side.

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