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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
do you think my price is too high? be honest guys.
Don't know ..But I do know that you'll sell on eBay a lot better if you do not set a minimum limit bid in the beginning (you can still set a minimum "Reserve Price" for winning the item).

Most things I wanted to get rid of where listed that way starting with a $.99 bid and a 5-7 day bid period. It allows enough time for people to find your item and put it on their watch list when they see a $.99 price point. However, the real action does not start until a few minutes before the bid due date. You may not get as high a price as you want but you definitely sell the item. And setting a "Reserve Price" can guarantee you that you do not sell a $100 item for .$99 if enough people do not show up to the party.