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Originally Posted by lyndon_h View Post
Word is Obama asked very specific questions about the alternative proposal that some of the Republicans offered up.

I would agree with you about letting it fail, but we've got too much invested to do so. The problem, IMO lies in the fact that we let the companies get too large to fail. We cannot let these companies get large enough where letting them fail affects our whole economy. I'm not for limiting the success of companies, but something must be done. We can't continue to bail out companies, but there are some that we can't allow to fail.
Word is? Word from who? The Democrats in the meeting?

Let's get some facts on the table. The democrats control the House, they could pass the bill right now if they wanted to. They do not want to do that without getting cover from the Republicans. Word is Pelosi wants 150 republicans to be on board before she consents to a vote. To get that level of support, the concerns of those House Republicans need to be taken into account.

It is pretty clear that there was no deal yesterday and the idea that there was was floated by the Democrats to make McCain's presence seem irrelevant.

The companies at the root of this problem did not get too big to fail because the government failed to pay enough attention to what they were doing, they got too big to fail because the government created them and then used them to accomplish politically beneficial but financially disastrous results.

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