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Originally Posted by Tonybest View Post
Nice pics of your awesome car youyou...

I don't know if an M3 spotters thread is relevant... I see quite alot of them on the road. Just yesterday afternoon, I saw a Melbourne red Coupe at the LaColle border. He was right behind me in the queue.

Than I crept up to a Black Coupe on highway 15 North from the US and we cruised together untill Brossard.

Now I'm not sure I will post on this thread everytime I see one. But in yesterday's circumstances, it was worth the post. I thought the black one was Niqui.. but then it was confirmed that it wasn't him...

I personally like this seeing as Im slowly starting to get to know most of the montreal M3 owners. Personally... I hardly ever see any M3's on my way to work or even on weekends so I think its pretty cool. Until this weekend I hadnt seen another M3 since our last gathering.

Hey Nick, The M3 I ran into downtown I posted about was at Napierville last friday and did the 1/4 mile totally stock (tires as well) in 12.7. I told him that you were going this friday and he will try and be there.

I definately want to do a run with you Nick. (not 1/4 mile just a roll on even though I have the advantage on 1/4 mile with LSD) .

Theres a guy on Youtube by the login name "DLSJ5" who has pretty much the same mods as I do with the exception of having cats and therefore about 12 to 15 less HP and TQ but more than makes up for that with DCT. Look up his videos. He races a lot of exotics (ferrari's , 997tt etc...) and loses to them but also has videos of racing tuned 335i's and recently posted a new vid versus an equally tuned M5 . He actually kept up and was passing the equally modified M5 on that recent video.
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